16: Be Yourself, Blow the Minds of Your Clients & Live off Referrals: Keynote by Ben Oosterveld


In this episode, Ben delivered a keynote speech to over 500 real estate audience about strategy, branding, and marketing. In this talk, he injected the Business from Within Concept and tackled real estate from a different angle. He risked talking about how personal story, authenticity, personality, and beliefs affect the success of a business.

Ben also tackled about treating real estate as a business as a job which is his goal for the industry.

Ben emphasized the importance of being yourself as a real estate professional, and how over delivering and blowing the minds of your clients gives you that opportunity for exposure and the opportunity to be viral in the industry and leverage referrals.

Enjoy this no BS keynote.






“People are so hungry for real, raw and personal stuff in business.”- @TBFWPodcast Click To Tweet


“Every single thing that goes on your life, your story is what dictates how successful you are going to be. Every single thing comes back to your story.”- @TBFWPodcast Click To Tweet


“Our brain uses historical data to predict the future.”- @TBFWPodcast Click To Tweet


“Authenticity is not being the person you want to be. It is being the person that you are.”- @TBFWPodcast Click To Tweet




Time Stamps:

  • 03:05 – Ben’s bus bench story
  • 06:05 – personal story as a business strategy
  • 07:29 – how our emotions affect our decision making
  • 10:34- real estate as a business, not a job
  • 17:50 – personality, performance, and beliefs
  • 19:38 – authenticity and self-awareness
  • 23:03 – Ben’s fears
  • 36:54 – critical mass theory
  • 38:55 – real estate golden rule
  • 40:00 – marketing and branding
  • 47:36 – building your list by using questions
  • 52:53 – the pumpkin contest strategy and converting mechanism
  • 1:01:40 – the Grand Red Carpet key turnover experience
  • 1:11:35 – the prospect list and follow-up strategy