17: Tim Larkin: How to Prepare for an Attacker

Tim Larkin is America’s leading Pro-Victim Rights and Personal Safety Advocate. He is a former military intelligence officer and was part of a beta group that redesigned how Special Operations personnel trained for close combat. He is a highly sought-after speaker as well as the media’s “go to guy” on Self Defense and Victim’s rights.

In this episode, Ben and Tim deep dive into different layers. They talked about his book- When Violence is the Answer, stories about personal safety, the Vegas shooting, and his journey being a businessman.

Even though he is a tough guy, he is humbled by the thought of the little people who were dependent on him especially his kids.

Enjoy this episode. Cheers.






“People who do seek me out, usually 70% of my clients tell violence started to end their lives.- @TFTTimLarkin Click To Tweet “I think what happens to people is they become complacent. I call it ‘sleeping with your head in the railroad track’.- @TFTTimLarkin Click To Tweet “I am all about prevention. I also have to make sure that my clients are physically trained. - @TFTTimLarkin Click To Tweet “You need to install in yourself what it actually will take if you ignore all the basics. And you find yourself in that situation to be able to survive.- @TFTTimLarkin Click To Tweet


Time Stamps:

  • 01: 40 – his book: When Violence is the Answer
  • 03:55 – definition of violence threshold
  • 10:10 –his mentee’s personal safety story
  • 12:42 –Tim’s personal safety and protection tips
  • 18:56 – all about behavior modification
  • 20:13 – tools of self-defense
  • 26:02 – self-defense for real estate professionals
  • 26:46 – how Tim train his kids
  • 34:51 –Las Vegas shooting experience with his wife being the Incident Commander
  • 39:08 – his Navy Seal journey
  • 50:30 – Tim as a businessman
  • 01:05:15 – the problem with violence
  • 01:08:22 – risk management, control, fear and pain