19: Phoebe Mroczek: How to Play, Market and Mastermind

Phoebe Mroczek is a Mindset & Marketing Mentor, speaker, and host of The Unbecoming Podcast. Her passion is to help entrepreneurs master their mindset around execution, and create more ease, impact, and adventure in their life. Her specialties include marketing, launch strategies, community building, list building, and event planning.

During the show, Phoebe talks about her clients, what problem she solves for them, her transformational work that gives permission for her clients to release perfectionism, judgment, and expectations to redefine their metrics of success and scale their business with intention.

Ben Oosterveld shares his first encounter with Phoebe in an event and how he felt his “queen-like” energy when he saw her enter the room.

This conversation is a fun one, unscripted, unrefined and unapologetic and talks a lot about Pheobe’s fondness for ice-cream. Enjoy this episode.



“You build a business as an extension of yourself.” - @PhoebeMroczek Click To Tweet “We can get lost in this online world where it really feels detached and really disconnected from the reality.” - @PhoebeMroczek Click To Tweet “ I think I am at my best when I am on the spot.” - @PhoebeMroczek Click To Tweet “ The stories, the beliefs, the patterns, the habits the conversation. All of those things are impacting us. It is the background music that we don’t even notice.”- @PhoebeMroczek Click To Tweet


Time Stamps:

  • 00:27 – all about Phoebe, her podcast, and its purpose
  • 04:27 – her fondness for ice cream
  • 10:03 – struggles her target market experience
  • 16:37 – goals and big whys for her clients/ talking goals to gratify other people
  • 19:40 – she talks about mentoring and mastermind, her clever and different, 3 points of a good facilitator
  • 25:50 – she defines talent vs gift
  • 31:40 – how she handles her business now
  • 36:04 – she talks about spirituality, God, and the universe
  • 40:25 – the importance of quality and speed in business
  • 43:55 – scalability of a business and dangers of it
  • 49:33 – Lightning Round
  • 1:01:00 – If Ben has all the money in the world how will he spend it
  • 1:05:51 – What is one issue in the world that Ben reacts to