21: Ben Loates: How to Hack Social Media and What Live is all About

We have two Bens in today’s episode. Ben interviews the multi-passionate and multi-talented Benjamin Loates, a dad, realtor, professional skateboarder, brand marketer, music teacher, and a general dingus.

In this episode, Benjamin shares some stories about himself, being a professional clown from age 6 to 13, his family, and how he found his authentic self. He also shares his personal relationship with his dad whom he never spoke for a while. Benjamin also defines what it really means to live for him.

Lastly, Benjamin also shares how he went viral, and shares tips on how to hack social media

Enjoy this episode!






“Do not make mountains out of your mole hills.- @BenjaminLoates Click To Tweet “When you experience that things can get so bad and things can look so good, there this sort of joy that comes. - @BenjaminLoates Click To Tweet “Things can look so bad and yet even in amidst of that there’s a change of redemption. - @BenjaminLoates Click To Tweet “We do have crutches in life and they do not help us progress. They only impede us. - @BenjaminLoates Click To Tweet

Time Stamps:

  • 00:55 – All about Benjamin Loates
  • 14:36 – Benjamin shares his experience growing up with a bipolar dad
  • 15:40 – Benjamin talks about rejection
  • 19:21 – The joy of redemption
  • 20:22 – What is his personal sabotage?
  • 28:37 – Benjamin and his dad’s redemptive moment
  • 37:17 – How he went viral?
  • 43:18 – How his social media looks like after going viral?
  • 46:29 – Benjamin being driven by fun
  • 48:35 – The beauty of rules and laws
  • 50:26 – Abandoning his adherence to the culture
  • 51:54 – All about faith
  • 57:42 – Questions for Ben: Where do Ben still hurt?
  • 1:03:35 – Benjamin on beatbox
  • 1:04:02 – Definition of talent vs gift