24: 5 Thoughts for Business Owners & Real Estate Agents Who Need a Friendly Punch in the Gut

In this episode, Ben shares his thoughts for business owners and realtors. Ben shares different tips and tactics so a business owner can scale up, leverage and move their lives forward.

Ben tackles the importance of doing the things you love the most and also allowing yourself to take a break and enjoy the things that make you tick.

So when you are back on your desk, you have renewed perspective about work, business, relationship and your well-being as a person.







“Do the things that actually move your life forward.- @TBFWPodcast Click To Tweet


“If I do not do the things that absolutely make me tick, I am telling you it is a boring life and you won’t get to where you want.”- @TBFWPodcast Click To Tweet


“Do the things that makes you feel good.”- @TBFWPodcast Click To Tweet


“Create the space to spend some time. To look at the things that you are avoiding, what are the things that need to get done today so you can get to the high potential of where you can be.”- @TBFWPodcast Click To Tweet




  • 00:44 – Right image for realtors should portray
  • 01:49 – Thought Number 1: Power of follow-ups
  • 03:12 – Thought Number 2: Putting in “the work” to get what you want
  • 05:15 – Thought Number 3: Get a coach and mentor, hiring to creating the space and time for you to scale your business.
  • 07:15 – Thought Number 4: Tracking the things you do.
  • 08:15 – Thought Number 5: Money management and investing in yourself.