25. The Vaden Earl Story. My Daughter is Trapped in the Dominican Republic and I Can’t Get Her Out

In this episode, Ben got the chance to have Vaden Earl and hear his adoptive daughter named Widlene’s story, a 12-year-old Haitian girl who was left orphaned in the Dominican Republic. For close to 10 years now, her adoptive family has been attempting to bring her to Canada.

With new citizenship policies in the Dominican Republic, Widlene became stateless.

As a trifecta of a minority, female, black and a minor why is she not allowed to come to Canada? This clearly shows how the Canadian government has broken promise after promise to the Earle family.

Listen to this father story of a father whose daughter is trapped in a country stateless.





Hero Holiday




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  • 00:55 – How Ben and Vaden Earl met
  • 04:48 – Vaden Earl and Hero Holiday’s message
  • 08:03 – A Day in their Shoes—First Hero Holiday event
  • 11:40 – Vaden Earl and his daughter’s first encounter
  • 13:50 – Slavery in Haiti
  • 19:19 – Earthquake that screwed their adoption process
  • 23:10 – His daughter’s life in the Dominican Republic
  • 24:03 – How the guy who said to help him bring her daughter to Canada, asked him to sneak his daughter back to Haiti and pretend her to be an earthquake survivor
  • 25:17 – Canada’s Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration
  • 27:25 – Biggest Humanitarian crisis: New rules of the Dominican Republic regarding citizenship
  • 33:00 – Chris Trudeau backing up the Bring Home Campaign and a rejection letter they received
  • 37:32 – Vaden Earl as the face of the issue
  • 40:06 – Vaden Earl’s daughter as the trifecta of a minority: female, black and a minor
  • 44:42 – Other countries that offer Vaden and his daughter’s citizenship
  • 45:46 – Canada Immigration Minister Ahmad Hussein legal issues
  • 49:20 – A missionary suggesting Vaden drop her daughter to an orphanage in Haiti