26: 5 Ways to Level Up Your Business that Will Change Your Inner Programming

Are you ready to step your game up with regards to scaling up your business? There are tons of marketing tactics and strategies that you can do. But the most important area to focus on is the progress within.

In this episode, Ben dig deep into the fear of success and how it impacts one’s momentum of success. Ben tackles also how we are brought up not to stand-out as a child, how self-sabotaging can impact your financial picture and your mental space.

Stay tuned as Ben fire away 5 important ways to level up your business.




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  • 00:46   – Fear of success as a momentum of success killer
  • 05:44     – Build a life you want
  • 06:25     – Take a look at your mental energy.
  • 09:20     – Push yourself to get more comfortable with imperfections.
  • 10:43   – Do things that you are passionate about.