27: How to Embrace the Discomfort of a Broken Relationship

Again, Ben and Kelsey Grant put their heads together to do a live relationship coaching.

Hear this interview that feels like real friends chatting without BS with each other’s points.

Kelsey and Ben dug deep into Ashley’s broken relationships and the toxic energies that it attracts while Ben intuitively interpret Ashley’s confidence, digging deep on Ashley’s pain points in terms of relationship and being a people pleaser.

Enjoy and hear how open-mindedly and willingly Ashley accept the two coaches’ interpretation and advice.





“It is very challenging to find your center ground when we are surrounded by those energies that are more toxic.”- @RadSelfLove Click To Tweet “We adapt to the people we spend the more time with.”- @RadSelfLove Click To Tweet


“Saying No is sometimes saying YES to yourself.”-Ashley for @TBFWPodcast Click To Tweet


“You want the clue to your breakthrough in your intimate life. Look at your friends and family and what you allowing them to do”- @TBFWPodcast Click To Tweet


  • 03:04 – All about Ashley
  • 12:10 – Ben digging deep into Ashley’s pain points in terms of relationship and people pleasing
  • 14:08 – Kelsey talks about our childhood imprint
  • 17:18 – The gift that comes from your childhood residual patterns
  • 17:38 – Ashley opening up about her issues with her dad, relationships and doing people pleasing and self-sabotaging
  • 24:00 – Kelsey talks about self-honoring and self-nurturing
  • 30:00 – Kelsey talks about non-negotiables and relational alignment
  • 30:41 – Ben assessed Ashley’s confidence
  • 33:10 – What Ashley think of how Ben see her
  • 36:01 –Ashley shares her spiraling moment
  • 39:54 –Kelsey talks about the zone of mediocrity
  • 43:27 –What Ashley feel about her interview with Kelsey and Ben
  • 45:15 – Boundaries and relationship
  • 46:40 – Ben digs deep into Ashley’s relationships
  • 57:44 – Ben talks about how he was raised Christian and what faith means to him
  • 1:02:10 – Ashley’s graceful rebellion to her father
  • 1:03:00 – Kelsey Wrap Up: Self-care, Self-love, and Surrender