28: Too Real…Ben gets Interviewed…His Truth about Real Estate Investing

Ben was interviewed by Erwin Szeto of The Truth about Real Estate Investing… for Canadians. By all definitions, Ben shared that he was killing it, but he wasn’t always successful. Ben shares his childhood story being a preacher’s son, why he ran away from home at 12, abused drugs and alcohol until the age of 20, crawled home to his parents, checked into a 12-month rehabilitation program and turned his life around.

Ben talks about learning lessons on raising a challenging child such as himself, owning investments with other people’s money during the crash, being bullied by an investment partner, and what he would do differently with his investments if he could do it all over again. This is the first time Ben has publicly shared his challenges as a business owner.



The Truth About Real Estate Investing… for Canadians



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  • 00:55 – How Ben and Erwin met
  • 04:35 – Ben’s sales career at his 20’s in an office furniture store
  • 05:54 – Ben shares his relationship with his dad that triggered him to run away and end up in a drug rehabilitation facility
  • 11:20 – His turning point in entering and working in the rehabilitation program facility for 365 days
  • 13:06 – His inner work dealing with his 12-year old son
  • 16:11 – What drove and motivated him to acquire 41 properties in 14 months
  • 18:13 – Ben shares his investment portfolio
  • 19:30 – His craziest winning deals…and its sudden crash, the learning curve for his real estate investing business
  • 28:31 – Getting over self-doubt
  • 32:02 – His team’s world-class client experience model for real estate selling
  • 34:32 – The prize of his success…his marriage rattled
  • 38:42 – Self-awareness being the biggest competitive edge in business
  • 42:20 – Business, emotions, and love psychology to blow the customer’s mind
  • 56:30 – If Ben has to rebuild his real estate company vs how he did before
  • 01:06:00 – Dealing with burn-out and overcoming it
  • 01:10:30 – How Erwin’s stress affects his health