29: Wrestling Demons – Phil Randazzo Interview of American Dream U

Ben interviews Phil Randazzo founder of American Dream U, a nonprofit organization that assists the veteran entrepreneur and military veterans transitioning out of the military. The program, taught by some of the world’s best and most successful entrepreneurs, is designed to provide soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, and coast guard personnel with the tools to obtain their dream jobs or start their own business.

Ben and Phil dig deep into topics like the importance of truth, transparency, self-sabotage, the first taste of success, relationship and going after the opportunity or pursuing well-deserved breaks. Also, why should one develop a routine, why you should allow mourning in your past for you to move on and move forward.

Listen to this episode and hear authentic, no BS insights about success and pursuing a passion.




Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne W. Dyer

Aubrey Marcus Podcast featuring Paul Chek

Kelsey Grant | Radical Self Love



“The best investors in the world, they do not look at the business. They look at is the person running the business. And they invest into that person.”[email protected] Click To Tweet “We can visualize and create our future.”[email protected]_randazzo Click To Tweet “We are busy. But when we are not busy devil will make us busy.”[email protected]_randazzo Click To Tweet “Just being by yourself is really important.”[email protected]_randazzo Click To Tweet



  • 00:21 – How Ben and Phil met
  • 01:19 – Overview of what American Dream U is all about: the transition from military life to civilian life
  • 10:26- Phil’s migration story: Coming to the US from Sicily
  • 11:35- What drives Phil to do what he is doing
  • 12:35- What a hectic day in Phil’s life looks life
  • 14:30- The Wakeup call
  • 17:04- Self-sabotage and First taste of success
  • 19:52- Trap of wanting other people’s wants
  • 25:51- Ben defines ‘The Loop’
  • 27:11- Aubrey Marcus Podcast featuring Paul Chek
  • 31:37- Morning Routine and owning the morning
  • 34-44- Grabbing the opportunity versus taking a well-deserved year off break
  • 35-50- Story of Wayne W. Dyer and his book Your Erroneous Zones
  • 41:10- Radical stories of forgiveness and energy blocks
  • 47:11- Distractions and scheduling your time for yourself
  • 50:24- Question for Ben: If I ask your wife, where would she say you are at right now?
  • 56:15- Ben’s relationship breakthrough with Rene
  • 1:00:32- Beating ourselves up
  • 1:02:03- Better ways to treat your kids as a Father
  • 1:04:30- Mourning to your past and moving on