30: Where Did My Money Go! – Barbara Knoblach –Master Money Coach

Barbara Knoblach is a Certified Money Coach in Edmonton specializing in time and cash flow management for career-driven professionals and real estate. Barbara is not only a money coach, she is also a research scientist who investigates a genetic disorder that afflicts young children. All of this has taught her to eliminate clutter from her life and to focus on core values, such as personal integrity and financial independence.

In this episode, Ben and Barbara talk about how life is consists of many choices, especially in making financial decisions. Barbara shares her money coaching style- a non-judgmental and analytic way. Lastly, they tackled about as coaches how they help people determine what is most important to them, the importance of self-awareness and overcoming self-sabotage.




“If people just invest to personal value first, everything else will change.”[email protected] Click To Tweet “ Essentially you can just spend the money that you have, there is no way of spending things that are not available to you.”[email protected]_at_MCC Click To Tweet “If you want to invest in a business you have to probably become the person to run that business otherwise it will just fall apart on you.” [email protected]_at_MCC Click To Tweet “You can see people for who they are if you can see yourself accurately.” [email protected] Click To Tweet



  • 02:27 – How Ben and Barbara met
  • 04:11 – Barbara’s science background and the competitiveness of the research industry
  • 04:42 – Barbara’s career turning point from being a scientist to being a money coach
  • 06:46 – Barbara describes her ideal client and the problem she solves for them
  • 10:00 – Common mistakes people do when managing their wealth
  • 10:55 – Generational impact on money management
  • 11:42 – Money management: a personal or a financial issue?
  • 17:20 – The taboo about money management, money as a tool of power
  • 19:00 – Setting up a weekly budget
  • 26:12 – Self-sabotaging thoughts
  • 26:50 – Barbara’s advice to little kids about money management
  • 31:20 – Barbara’s take on investments
  • 50:32 – Barbara’s question for Ben
  • 55:55 – Overcoming childhood adversities and moving forward
  • 57:30– Self-awareness and pain points