31: Are Unmotivated People Simply Not Aligned

How are you ever going to move forward if you do not have the energy that drives you to move forward? Do you have an idea on what it is that really makes you insanely pumped?

In this episode, Ben talked about the coaching clients who always cancel their session with him. He analyzed and dig deep into what causes this to happen. He noted several issues that cause people to become unmotivated in pursuing their passion and misaligning their actions with their goals.

Listen to this episode, and hear Ben shares how we can achieve our goals by facing our fears and eventually finding our gifts from that struggle that we are able to overcome.



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  • 01:08   – Where our issues come from?
  • 01:50   – Taking action to what you really want
  • 03:38   – Insane motivational moments
  • 04:38   – Alignment, drive, and motivation
  • 05:25   – Going towards the things that scare you
  • 05:50   – Positioning your life towards the things you want to do
  • 06:35   – Fears are exactly where your gift lies