32: Third Breakup …Where is “The One”?

In this episode of the Love The Raw Truth, Ben and Kelsey Grant put their heads together to do a live relationship coaching with Carisa, a 28-year old who has been into 3 break-ups and is on a search on finding  “The One”.

They dug deep into the challenges of finding that person while she was in her personal journey of personal development and self-awareness. They also talked about the reasons why people tend to be receptive, and the relational psyche that are naturally imprinted on us from our childhood experiences.

Enjoy as the Love The Raw Truth coaches dig deep and give their no BS pieces of advice about the transformational things and non-negotiables that Carisa must consider for her to find that special someone who will come to her life during her 2-year Saturn Return transit period.



“To be able to stand in our conviction, we have to be balanced in both our masculine and feminine energies.”[email protected] Click To Tweet “We are trained that receptivity is a weakness.”[email protected] Click To Tweet “A lot of problems happen when you do not speak your truth in it.”[email protected] Click To Tweet “We have these stories we tell ourselves and we are so convinced that they are true. Because we do not want to face what is really going on.”[email protected] Click To Tweet



  • 02:08 – All about Carisa
  • 02:26 – Her relationship history
  • 09:45 – The stories we tell ourselves according to Ben
  • 13:10 – Where challenges come in during personal development and self-awareness discovery
  • 15:22 – Struggles with doing confrontations
  • 17:09 – What control and manipulation does to people
  • 21:50 – Receptivity in relation to masculine and feminine energies
  • 25:39 – Relational psyche that is imprinted in us since childhood
  • 33:49 – A cosmic rite of passage: Saturn Returns, the two-year window for self-discovery
  • 43:42 – Figuring the way out through the pain called discomfort
  • 52:12 – Working on the non-negotiables
  • 54:40 – Spark and butterflies as a structure of a wounding pattern
  • 59:39 – Kelsey’s protocol: Give 3-9 months to dating before going into the commitment