35: Ryan Rishaug: Getting to the NHL…a Story of Powerful Focus and Humility

Ryan Rishaug is a top-level TSN sports broadcaster. He serves as an ice reporter on the NHL on TSN and covers Edmonton for SportsCentre. He appears regularly on TSN 1260 sports radio in Edmonton. In addition, Rishaug has covered numerous high-profile events for TSN including the Olympic Games, IIHF World Junior Championship, and Stanley Cup Final.

Listen to this episode and find out how Ryan find value in Ben’s cold calling strategy that made him adopt the authentic approach to his own pitches as a sportscaster. Also, learn how Ryan created a new opportunity for himself as sportscaster after he retired playing hockey because of his back injury.







“I did not know what, I just knew it was broadcasting.”[email protected] Click To Tweet “I just kind of decided what I wanted, decided what I needed to do to get there. And started picking crap off the list and getting it done.”[email protected] Click To Tweet “In the absence of clarity just take action.”[email protected] Click To Tweet “My belief system you just go get it done, you go make it happen.”[email protected] Click To Tweet



• 01:20 – Who is Ryan Rishaug?

• 06:34 – Hanging up his skates to transition into broadcasting

• 09:32 – How do you move forward to get what you want?

• 15:20 – How he and Ben met the time he was dealing with some major life changes

• 22:20 – How he became a TSN Sportscaster

• 29:02 – Interviewing Burt Reynolds and Adam Sandler

• 29:40 – Ryan’s motivation

• 31:00 – Family or broadcasting

• 33:56 – Long-term and short-term planning

• 36:10 – Turning rejection into a positive experience

• 38:18 – Hated but respected or Hated and not respected

• 47:00 – How Ben balance everything in his life?