36: Dr. Scott Jurica: Stop Sniffing the Air and Take a Breath

Dr. Scott Jurica is a Wellness Consultant, Applied Clinical Nutritionist, Chiropractor, and Applied Kinesiologist. His private practice is dedicated to providing the most progressive and integrative healthcare by utilizing many innovative therapies such as advanced nutrition, applied kinesiology, myofascial work, chiropractic, cold laser, emotional/stress assessment, herbal therapy, functional nutrition, and advanced laboratory analysis to personalize a health program for each patient.

Listen to this episode and find out how Ben and Scott met, hear how our stress levels affect our health, learn the importance of having a purpose for following a certain diet and lastly hear Scott’s goal to treat the person with the condition not the condition of the person.




“I feel like crap but my doctor says, I am fine. But I am not fine!”[email protected] Click To Tweet “The number one you’ve got to think as far as your stress is a concern, is what is going on inside your brain, what are you thinking about.” [email protected] Click To Tweet “Do not stress out so much. Just be right at the moment.” [email protected] Click To Tweet “What your body can create it can heal.” - [email protected] Click To Tweet


Time Stamps:

00:21 – Who is Scott Jurica?
00:21 – The impact Scott wants to make to the world
05:49 – Checking one’s health through a blood test and its reference range
09:06 – The different analogies of health
10:30 – New approach to working with patients
12:58 – All about adrenal stress
14:51 – What is more influential medication or emotional fix?
18:04 – Importance of taking a break and getting away for reflection and soul-searching
18:40 – Your ‘big why’ for dieting and your relationship with food
24:02 – Experiencing miracles
33:02 – Guilt and pressure- women’s biggest stressors
39:04 – Scott searching for purpose after losing his uncle and brother because of cancer
48:30 – Practical tips to optimize health
51:09 – Connect with Dr. Scott Jurica