52. Scarlett Oosterveld – An honest conversation with dad on bad style, anger and choosing friends


Scarlett Oosterveld is Ben & Renae Oosterveld’s oldest daughter, who is thirteen.

During this episode, Scarlett will share some memories and what it’s like growing up in a family of 7. She’ll also talk about school, friends, emotions and her relationship with her dad.

Time Stamps:

  • 00:50: When I sprained my ankle in grade one
  • 02:27: Why I fully don’t trust my teachers
  • 04:01:  Scarlett gives advice to kids on how to deal with teachers and school
  • 05:17: The difference between “Are you OK?” and “You’ll be OK”
  • 06:50: “My mom has a big heart for kids”
  • 07:51: What’s it’s like growing up in a family of 7
  • 09:28: Describing who Scarlett is
  • 10:53: My relationship with my dad
  • 18:58: The difference between a stressed dad and a calm dad
  • 22:23: A funny memory from growing up
  • 23:36: How I choose my friends
  • 26:20: Where I feel at a disadvantage in life
  • 29:52: What’s the one question I would ask my dad?
  • 35:10: What advice would you give 13-year-olds today?

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