58. Building a Reality TV Show with Mark Wiens


Mark Wiens is a successful Vancouver based realtor who’s passionate about real estate. He loves making people laugh, can speak Mandarin, has great hair and just launched his first TV reality show. He’s the creator of the realty TV show “Vancouver’s Next Top Agent” where nine realtors are competing to win a full time job at Dracco Pacific Reality through overcoming challenges.

During this episode, Mark discusses the challenges and learning curves in creating his first YouTube reality TV show. He talks about the contestants and how he balanced filming and running his real estate business. Hear about what Mark was like growing up including going to a primarily Chinese school and being an entrepreneur at a young age. Ben and Mark discuss Mark’s past employment ventures, how he got to real estate in 2014, why most new agents fail in their first 2 years, values, and how to successfully build a real estate team.

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