65. Oliver Manalese – How to Discover What’s Possible For You


Oliver Manalese runs a personal transformation consultancy. He is an expert in coaching high achievers who are succeeding in their career or business but find themselves spiritually bankrupt. With a focus on creating a meaningful life and making a difference, clients align their purpose with a business to serve others. Clients learn to share their unique gifts in a way that causes them to make more money, be a leader, and experience a newfound sense of satisfaction and inner peace.

Oliver’s podcast, The Oliver Manalese Show, features high performing leaders on how they overcome adversity as well as lessons and insights for personal transformation.

During this episode, Ben and Oliver discuss Oliver’s real estate career, the meaning of authenticity, personal growth, being a yoga instructor, the impact Ben has had on Oliver’s life.


Oliver Manalese Website
Instagram @olivermanalese 
The Oliver Manalese Show
Reinvention Roadmap – November 16, 2019 @ Oakville, ON

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