9: Kelsey Grant: How to Speak the Alien Languages of Male and Female

Kelsey Grant is a relationship and Love Educator rooted in radical self-love methodology. She’s a TEDx Speaker, Sisterhood Circle Facilitator, and lover of love.

Kelsey’s goal is to inspire millions of women and men to learn to love themselves more.

During the show, Kelsey will break down the masculine and feminine energy while explaining how to positively bring them together. You’ll find out what actually enhances your energy and how to become your most fabulous self.

Host Ben Oosterveld will open up and reveal how Kelsey saved his own marriage. Learn what is wrong with relationships and the differences between being aroused vs. turned on. In order to succeed in business understand you must believe in yourself first. Enjoy!




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Time Stamps:

  • 01:31 – About Kelsey
  • 04:36 – How Ben met Kelsey
  • 12:59 – Masculine and feminine energy (Cleaning the dirty room)
  • 19:06 – “We have to give ourselves permission to the human and being human doesn’t mean being perfect” – Kelsey
  • 22:08 – Becoming your most fabulous self
  • 26:18 – Ben’s erection connection: arousal vs. turned on
  • 36:06 – Being judgmental and responding with anger
  • 39:52 – Believing in yourself in order to succeed in Business
  • 46:44 – Taking the step of courage and faith
  • 51:20 – What is wrong with relationships?
  • 54:13 – Lightning Round!
  • 1:02:02 – Connect with Kelsey
  • 1:03:05 – What are the four moons?