Ben Oosterveld deeply cares about what people think but is not controlled by that anymore…

He was a people pleaser for years living daily with a high level of internal pressure to perform while judging himself constantly in his mind…

BUT TODAY…Ben is now truly comfortable in his own skin and is no longer worried to offend and risk a relationship by saying the things people desperately need to hear.

He deeply cares for the human soul and has dedicated his life to being himself unapologetically. To this day Ben challenges everything he thinks, feels and believes by asking

“Is this truly mine of something I was told to believe?”

The result is a real and raw and deeply inspiring human being who understands what he wants, who he is and what’s important.

Ben has 5 kids that now call him daddy and in enjoying a REAL marriage that truly satisfies his soul.

He became a Realtor and within his first 2 Calendar years, he made a million in commissions and truly dominated his local market. He became Real Estate Agent with the one purpose…mentoring Real Estate Agents to have a life that they actually love, to deepen their closest relationships, eliminate self-sabotage, stop being the worker and become the business owner.

The result for the Real Estate Agents he mentors is a truly fulfilling life with high net worth businesses that serve them and blows the minds of their clients.

Who is Ben... “For Real”

After living on the Streets as a kid, attempting suicide and spending 365 days in a drug treatment center he started to build a life at 19 years old with the current tools he had. Still insecure and unsure of himself he knew he was destined for more in life he intuitively knew he had something to give this world, he just did not know what it was… He just had an intense fire burning in his soul that would not be ignored forever.

After getting married and having kids he became very driven to be successful financially. Ben chased success for years and experienced what it was like to have millions of dollars flow through his life and what it’s like to be put on a pedestal by people who ONLY thought he was the best because of his talents and abilities.

Ben always said he did everything for his family, but that simply was a story he told himself and it was not 100% true.

During the chasing years, Ben did very little inner, emotional and spiritual work on himself and was more focused on building a business that would EVENTUALLY create endless passive income to EVENTUALLY enjoy with his family who he loved so deeply but had little connection with.

Self Sabotage lied dormant in Ben waiting for the right moment to awake, the lack of self-value drove him daily to prove to everyone he was worth something. That insecurity caused him to make wild risky decisions that always increased the stress at home with this family. From the outside looking in Ben had “made it” but the inside looking out was internal chaos and a restless soul.

Ben hit a brick wall, his foundations shook when the 2008 financial crash happened and his multimillion-dollar investment company started to show serious cracks and at the exact same time, his wife decided she was done living without connection and wanted to leave him. All 5 kids had lost touch with him and had at times asked for a new daddy.

By experiencing his family imploding and his business starting to fall apart he was forced to face reality, stop chasing and look within his life at what was actually driving him.

This is when it all started to change. Over the next years, he ate a lot of humble pie, magically found Philip McKernan who became his mentor and helped Ben by challenging him to become intensely honest with himself, stop living a life for everyone else, know what you want and let life flow rather than chasing it to be himself to the core. To truly love who he was at a core level not just what he could offer through tenant and hustle.

Over the next 7 years, Ben worked very hard on himself facing layers of reality that he did not want to see in the previous years. With everything personally he had overcome and this deep passion for people that he uncovered, he became an unorthodox Business Coach helping companies from Video Production to large Energy companies. The biggest thing he learned was that the more he worked on the person behind the businesses the more the business grew. He knew he was onto something. In 2012 he focused all his efforts in the business of Real Estate helping Real Estate Agents personally and in their business. He never wanted to help people from a higher place he became a realtor him and coached from the ground level. His First Calendar Year he made over 400k and easily became the Rookie of the Year as he dominated the market and mentored Real Estate Agents along the way. He instantly started building a business in an industry that sees Real Estate Sales as a job and easily made millions over the years of being a realtor.

We run a VIP mentorship Program from Real Estate Agents called Business From Within where he mentors 12-15 agents a year in there life and business. This has been an incredible success with all the realtors he coached gaining fulfillment in life and huge jumps in their income over the following years.

Today Bens spends most evening and weekends with his family, playing men’s league hockey and developing content that is unorthodox that truly impacts the human soul while his Real Estate Team is in full swing dominating their market through client experience VS traditional paid branding. He has the ability to see spaces people are missing and play in that area business and in life.

Ben will change the world focused on 1 person at a time starting with himself.

Listen to Ben’s story: