1: Homeless to Millions to a Life that Matters

Ben Oosterveld became a realtor in 2012 and in his first two full years made one million dollars in paid out commissions. Now, Ben runs one of Canada’s top real estate teams. He is settled in Alberta with five kids, a beautiful wife, and two dogs.

During this show, Ben will reveal the secret to his personal and financial success. The story on how he went from homeless to earning 7 figures will inspire you. Find out what it takes to grow your business from within.


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More Quotes:

“The more I get really honest with who I am, the more success chases me”
“If you can work on yourself, discover what you believe and own that, lucky stuff happens”
“You want to see how confidence is grown, stand on your own”


00:18 – What is this podcast about?
00:58 – Who is Ben Oosterveld?
01:39 – Ben’s family
03:59 – School setbacks and being homeless
06:12 – Going to Las Vegas & stealing credit cards
11:48 – Drug trip experience and suicide
15:44 – Going to bible college
16:57 – Meeting my wife
20:11 – Mastering sales, business, & real estate investing
22:28 – 2008 market crash
24:18 – Christianity and fasting
35:25 – My new mission on this planet