4: An Oliver Manalese Interview

This conversation with Oliver Manalese and Ben Oosterveld is a high energy, playful, deep, and raw one. Ben talks about how he lived on the streets, went to rehab, had issues people-pleasing, putting people on pedestals all the way to him creating a successful real estate investment company of 61 properties, shutting it down, and reinventing his entire life from scratch. You are bound to walk away from this one motivated, inspired, and moved to the core.

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Show Notes:

  • Honouring remnants of your past for taking you where you are now
  • Being inspired by the excellence of others as a reason to be motivated
  • Saying what you really mean to cause discomfort, controversy, and contrast
  • Having the courage to stay true to yourself
  • The importance of keeping a business and progress journal
  • Learning not to serve who you put on a pedestal
  • Taking the red pill and questioning everything
  • Seeing the inner child in others before judging them
  • How to market yourself while also staying true to yourself
  • The hunger for authenticity in the world
  • Knowing the difference when people need advice or need to vent
  • Not sacrificing relationships for success and how to get them to co-exist
  • Finding and honoring individual strength in relationships
  • Allowing people to struggle and develop their own competence