3: Steve Sims… Has Something to Say! The Wizard of Oz for the Rich and Famous

Steve Sims is a Whisky Drinking Biker from South London who hates the word authenticity but loves transparency. He’s Highly educated with a doctorate in Street, who truly makes the impossible happen. He has blown the minds of the rich and famous to the point Forbes names him the Modern Day Wizard of Oz.

During this episode, Steve will speak the truth about today’s entrepreneurs, stories of royalty and icons in Hollywood, and the secret behind his successful marriage. Find out ways to attack whats holding you back and why you should simplify your message to the world. Listen to the end to get to know Steve on a real personal level.

“I’m traveling around the world with royalty and icons and I’m always in a black t-shirt and jeans” @SteveDSims1 Click To Tweet




More Quotes:

  • “I thought Mckernan coming into America was a bigger threat than Trump”
  • “Smart people can explain things in a manner that someone else can understand”


Time Stamps:

  • 01:11 – About Steve
  • 04:19 – The Oscars and Elton John’s Party
  • 06:46 – Is everybody an entrepreneur?
  • 14:20 – Net worth and being yourself
  • 23:44 – Advice for his parents and childhood
  • 25:00 – Building a school with kids
  • 28.58 – Attacking whats holding you back
  • 33:00 – Simplifying your message
  • 36:16 – Handing pure anger and madness
  • 42:10 – Who is Steve Sims from his wife’s perspective
  • 47:57 – How to thank your wife
  • 50:12 – Should you quit your relationship?
  • 52:00 – Rapid fire questions!